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quick dry carpet | upholstery | mattress | rug | drape & blind | leather | tile cleaning | kitchen deep cleaning | tile and stone cleaning | window cleaning | pet urine treatment

quick dry carpet | upholstery | rug | drape & blind | leather | tile cleaning | kitchen deep cleaning | tile and stone cleaning | window cleaning 

CLiCK Residential Carpet Cleaning, we use the Buffer system combined with our Effervescent Cleaner SODA, which is non-toxic and eco-friendly. And it dries in a CLiCK (1-2 Hours), and will not leave your carpets wet for days, or full of soapy residues.  Our Free Antimicrobial treatment will ensure your carpets are free from germs & bacteria.

Corporate, Commercial & Retail Clients receive bulk discounts as they clean large areas, you will also be appointed an Accounts Manager who will structure your cleaning roster to suit your companys’ needsRegular Maintenance cleans (high volume areas only) will save your company money, and your carpet cleaning can be scheduled either after hours or on weekends to eliminate down time. 

CLiCK use our effervescent cleaner SODA to lift the dirt from within the upholstery fibres, as there are no soapy residues we use 60% less moisture than regular steam cleaners. Our active effervescent lifts dirt to the surface and our industrial upholstery machine removes dirt from deep within the fibres. A free Antimicrobial treatment ensures germs, bacteria and light odours are neutralised.

CLiCK offer both on & offsite cleaning services (free Collection & Delivery). Our trained technicians are qualified to clean all types of Hand Made Rugs, Persians, Silks, Oriental, Wool, Dhurries as well as synthetic Shaggy, Area & Woven Rugs. We also specialise in Raw Hide rugs. Add a MasterGuard Treatment to protect Rug Fibres & to ensure Rugs stay cleaner for longer.

Corporate, Industrial, Commercial, Retail & Residential window cleaning. CLiCK only use the finest window cleaning equipment available on the Market. 
Streamline Water-Fed Poles provide cost effective & convenient outdoor window cleaning solutions. Using purified water for optimum cleaning results 
ECOSHINE Indoor Cleaning Kits will leave your interior windows spotless.

CLiCK will professionally scrub & remove dirt & wax build-ups on your tiles, this deep cleaning process can not be done with a simple mop & bucket approach. Our tile stripers matched with our Industrial Tile Cleaning equipment remove deeply imbedded dirt & grime from the tiles to leave the tiles/natural stone looking like new. CLiCK also offer tile sealing treatments to protect tiles & create shine on Natural Stone.

Drapes are a beautiful investment to any home, however cleaning can often prove to be a task. CLiCK offer both on/off-rail drapery cleaning for your convenience and an easy maintenance solution for your investment. We also clean blinds.


CLiCK offer professional leather cleaning and condition/protection service, we advise clients to clean and protect their investment every 1-2 years to prevent discolouring, cracking and deterioration of the leather. The leather is stripped with our powerful CLiCK Leather Cleaner, the process is all done by hand, then a rich conditioning protector is applied. We advise clients not to use the items for 24 hours to allow the condition to completely penetrate the leather.

CLiCK offer deep cleaning of all mattress types, our cleaning process uses our effervescent cleaner which lifts dirt to the surface of the fabric.  We remove the dirt and bacteria using a professional mattress cleaning machine.  Add a Dust mite Treatment to help you sleep easy at night.

Dust Mite Treatment lasts 3-6 months.

At CLiCK, not only do we remove grease, grime and dirt, every CLiCK complete Kitchen deep Clean includes an Antimicrobial treatment, our antimicrobial agents are disinfectants (“nonselective antimicrobials” ), which kill a wide range of microbes on non-living surfaces to prevent the spread of illness, and kills harmful bacteria living in your kitchen.   We can also treat contaminated Kitchen appliances & gadgets.

CLiCK deep cleans carpets & upholstery in cars, boats & planes!  

CLiCK offer flood restoration/water extraction to Homes, Offices & Retail Spaces, we will get a team to you as soon as we can to remove the water. We will the apply an industrial Antimicrobial to carpets /soft furnishings to prevent bacteria /odors forming within carpets/soft furnishings. Should the area be extremely saturated we shall provide airmovers (speed drying time by 70%) or dehumidifiers.

CLiCK will successfully map out Pet Urine using a UV Black Light to outline the areas to be treated. Our specially formulated Urine Remover, it is designed to breakdown the protein in the Urine. Urine is difficult to remove from carpets/soft furnishings as the Urine forms a tough “crystal” in the fibers, so please be advised that general cleaning will not remove Pet Urine, this will require additional attention and treatment.