Artificial grass cleaning

Quick-Dry (1-2 Hour) Deep Cleaning | Odour Removal | All Work Guaranteed | SABS & NRCS Approved | Eco-Friendly | HACCP Compliant




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    All work completely Guaranteed

    Quick-Dry Application (1 - 2 Hours)

    Industrial Odour Removal

    Eco-Friendly | Green Certified | SABS, SANS & NRCS Approved

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    Artificial Grass Cleaning 


    CLiCK Cleaning provides Professional Quick-Dry Artificial Grass Cleaning to Residential, Corporate & Commercial Spaces, with the fastest drying times around (1-2 hours).  CLiCK Cleaning offer affordable pricing, with no hidden costs which are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

    CLiCK Cleanings’ Enzymes are SABS, SANS & NRCS Approved, HACCP Complaint (Food Safe) & Eco-Choice Certified, which are all Manufactured in South Africa.

    Kindly view the Results below, all pictures were taken on-site by our CLiCK Cleaning Technicians.  #TeamCLiCK


    Artificial Grass Cleaning



    At CLiCK Cleaning we understand the Paramount Importance of Security in South Africa, therefore all CLiCK Cleaning Staff are Employed on a Full Time Basis, and are ITC checked and cleared.  CliCK Cleaning will never employ part-time staff, or pick workers up on a day to day basis.

    CLiCK Cleaning staff attend regular internal and external Training Programs and every team is appointed with a Fully Trained & Qualified Supervisor.

    At CLiCK Cleaning our Cleaning Chemicals are Natural, and Environmentally Friendly (Eco-Choice Approved),  safe for use around children and pets.  CLiCK Cleaning believe in quality cleans at affordable rates, eliminating hidden costs or over the top cleaning bills.  CLiCK Cleaning provide free quotations to Residential, Corporate & Commercial Clients.


    CLiCK Cleaning offer Heavy Odour Removal by using various Combinations of our own Range of Bio-Zyme Enzymes, which Naturally break-down Bacteria which cause bad smells.

    Bio-Zyme is Eco-Friendly, HACCP Compliant (Food Safe) & is safe for use around Children & Pets.

    Contact your Local CLiCK Cleaning Branch today to discuss Odour Removal Options available for your Artificial Grass Space. 

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