Pet urine is considered Carpet/Soft furnishing damage in the cleaning world as it is very difficult to remove.




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    Specialised Pet Urine Removal Treatment

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    Pet Urine is considered Carpet/Soft furnishing damage in the Cleaning world as it is very difficult to remove. Pet Urine needs to be specifically treated pre/during/post cleaning to ensure maximum results. It is always advisable to inform the Office while booking your Clean that the items you wish to have cleaned require Pet Urine Treatment in order to ensure the problem is treated correctly.

    Click offer various options to remove Pet Urine and our Trained Booking agent will run through these options with you when you schedule your clean. We offer you the most cost effective option to remove the Urine from deep within the Carpet/Soft furnishing fibres. As Urine deposits onto the Floor, it seeps into the underfelt/backing of the carpet, then as the liquid evaporates from the Urine, it forms stubborn crystals which are not easily removed.

    Our Pet Urine Remover causes a chemical reaction which breaks up the crystals and removes the odour. Unfortunately, we cannot always guarantee complete removal, but we do have a 75% success rate on Carpets, Upholstery, and Mattresses. We have a 98% success rate on the removal of Pet Urine from Rugs.


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