Corporate, Commercial & Retail Clients receive bulk discounts as they clean large areas, you will also be appointed an Accounts Manager who will structure your cleaning roster to suit your companys’ needs. Using our formulated Effervescent Cleaner SODA your Carpets will dry in hours, not days!
Regular Maintenance cleans (high volume areas only) will save your company money, and your carpet cleaning can be scheduled either after hours or on weekends to eliminate down time.
Letting you focus on your business, while we focus on ours.
– Dries in a CLiCK | 1-2 Hours!
– All work is guaranteed
– No Soapy residues
– Less Down Time
– Maintenance cleans to save your company money
– No contracts
– Neutralises Germs, Bacteria & Odours
– Non-Toxic
– Eco-friendly

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