At CLiCK Cleaning we only use the best quality brands & products

soda click cleaning

Our effervescent cleaner SODA is designed to lift dirt & bacteria out from within the Carpet/Upholstery/Fibres, where after we complete a dry-removal of the product using the Buffer-system.

SODA is designed to completely evaporate after the cleaning process, leaving your carpets & soft furnishings dry and residue free.

MasterGaurd plus product

CLiCK is a proud supplier of MasterGuard, which offers a unique 3 year guarantee, with added UV protection. To safe-guard your carpets & soft furnishings, keeping protected items cleaner for longer.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the fabric protection industry, MasterGuard offer the finest Fabric/Carpet Protection available on the South African market that repel stains and spills and protect items against harmful UV sun rays.

The special formulas contain polymers that will surround each fiber of your fabric to prevent stains from setting into the fabric.  

Providing assurance that life’s little surprises won’t put a damper on your lifestyle!

MASTERGUARD’s fabric stain protection prevents oil and water based stains such as chocolate, milk, sodas, tomato juice, red wine, oros, coffee etc from penetrating into the upholstery and carpet fibres, guaranteeing ease of next cleaning and giving you peace of mind.

CLiCK Staff are professionally qualified and experienced to advise clients on best materials, processes and costs for all fabric, carpet and leather protection solutions.

MASTERGUARD+ fabric stain protection is applied using high pressure spray guns, or hand trigger pumps.

Clients will receive a 3-year guarantee card with every treatment.

streamline window cleaning product 2

Outdoor window Cleaning:

  • Streamline Water-Fed Poles provide cost effective & convenient outdoor window cleaning solutions
  • Using purified water for optimum cleaning results
  • Affordable maintenance packages tailored to suit your home/office needs.


ecoshine cleaning product

Indoor Window Cleaning: 

ECOSHINE Indoor Cleaning Kits will leave your interior windows spotless.
Affordable first clean & maintenance packages tailored to suit your home/office needs.

  • Affordable Pricing
    We use “PURE” water (purified) for optimum shine.
  • Cost effective maintenance cleans
  • Non-Toxic, safe for use around children & pets
  • Eco-friendly