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    Quick-Dry Application (2 - 3 Hours)

    SABS, SANS & NRCS Approved

    HACCP Compliant (Food Safe) | Eco-Choice Certified

    Enzyme Deep Cleaning & Sanitising

    Dust-mite & Anti-microbial, Anti-fungal & Anti-viral Treatments

    Base & Headboard Enzyme Cleaning



    Deep cleaning your Mattress is as important as cleaning your carpets or soft furnishings, as mattresses harbor many variants of microscopic bacteria, mold, sporicidal, virucidal, dust-mites and allergens.  CLiCK Cleaning recommend cleaning your Mattress every 6 -12 months to ensure maximum Health Benefits to you and your family.  Regular mattress deep cleaning is especially effective for children to help reduce their allergies.

    Regular cleaning of your Mattress will also help reduce asthma, eczema, and other allergies in your family, a clean Mattress also promotes a better night’s sleep.

    CLiCK Cleaning only use SABS, NRCS, SANS Approved, HACCP (Food Safe) Compliant & Eco-Choice Certified Chemicals & Enzymes, which are locally Produced in South Africa.


    CLiCK Cleaning use an Effervescent Cleaning Solution named SODA, which is designed to penetrate deep into the Mattress fabric, lifting dirt and Bacteria to the surface.  CLiCK then extracts the Mattress with a Professional Deep Cleaning Machine with High powered Hot Extraction.

    For added peace of mind, CLiCK can apply an Anti-Microbial or Dust-Mite Treatment  to your Mattress which will last 3 – 6 months for added Peace of Mind.  CLiCK Cleaned Mattresses typically take around 2 – 3 Hours to Dry.




    CLiCK Cleaning offer Biological & Eco-Friendly cleaning with our own Range of Enzymes, providing heavy duty cleaning, sanitising & antibacterial/anti-virus treatments, without costing the Earth.

    SABS, SANS & NRCS Approved | HACCP Compliant & Eco-Choice Certified Enzymes which are manufactured in South Africa.


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